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Air cargo tracking has become increasingly important over the past few years due to the rise of eCommerce. There are many shippers and companies who want to know the status of their shipment. They need to know whether the goods arrived safely or not. Also, if you are planning to send some items via air cargo then you should keep yourself updated regarding the delivery time. There are many websites available online that provide the facility of tracking cargo shipment. These websites are known as Air Cargo Tracking Websites.

What is Air Cargo Tracking?

Air cargo tracking is the process of tracking the movement of air cargo from the time it is booked and loaded onto an aircraft until it is delivered to its final destination. We can monitor the movement of a specific item throughout its journey through the air cargo tracking process. When we talk about cargo tracking, we are referring to the tracking of items such as packages, freight containers, pallets, trailers, and even vehicles. In this article, we are discussing the tracking of packages or a shipment. When used correctly, cargo tracking can provide valuable insight into the status of a shipment. For instance, if a shipment is delayed, then it may be necessary to contact the carrier directly to determine the reason for the delay. A good example would be a package sent from one place to another. Air cargo tracking refers to the tracking of the shipment of goods being transported by airplane. The tracking of the shipment also involves the monitoring of the shipment path from origin to its destination. This information will help the customer to track the progress of his/her shipment. It will also help them to find out what happened to their shipment during the transit period. If your shipment was lost or damaged, then you will be able to get the details of the incident. You will also be able to check the status of your shipment at any given point in time. With the help of cargo tracking, you can easily track the location of your shipment. You can also view the history of your shipment. All these features make cargo tracking very useful.

How Do I Track a Cargo Shipment?

There are various ways to track a cargo shipment. One way is to use the internet. We can easily access the tracking details of our shipment using the internet. You can track cargo directly from the airline website or there are many websites available online that offer the facility of tracking cargo shipments. All we need to do is enter the tracking number into the search box and get the required information. To track cargo directly from the airline website, all we have to do is visit the website of the airline with who we have booked the shipment. Then we have to look for the track the shipment link in the menu or on their web page. Once we click on the link, we will be directed to the tracking page. Here we can enter the tracking number into the search box and see the status and details of the shipment. If the shipment is delayed, then we can call up the airline directly to find out the reason for the delay and how long it will take to reach its destination.

Another option is to use the phone or email. We can call up the airline and ask them about the status of the shipment and they will tell us the status of the shipment along with the estimated time of arrival. You can also use their contact page on their website to contact them directly. Phone numbers or email addresses can be found on the contact page on their website.

There are other methods too like calling up your freight forwarding or logistics company and asking them about the status of your shipment. Your cargo agent or logistics service company will give you the status of your shipment and the expected time of delivery. These are some of the most common methods of tracking cargo shipments. There are other options too but these are the most commonly used ones.

How To Find Air Cargo Tracking Website

Finding air cargo tracking websites isn’t difficult. All you need to do is perform a simple internet search. Simply enter the words “air cargo tracking” into the search bar of your preferred search engine. Once you’ve done that, simply follow the links provided to the various websites that appear on the search results page. You can also find the cargo tracking URL of the airline through an internet search. To search the cargo tracking page of a specific airline, you can enter the world, for example, Cargo tracking of United cargo, cargo tracking of Delta Cargo, cargo tracking of sky cargo, etc. In this case, an internet search will provide you the link to track cargo of United Cargo, Delta Cargo, SkyCargo, or any other airline that you have searched for.

Here are some of the most popular airline tracking websites:

Information Needed To Track An Air Cargo

The airway bill number is the most important piece of information needed to track an air cargo shipment. This is because this number will help us identify which carrier handled the shipment. If you don’t have the airway bill number, then you can always call the carrier or your cargo agent to ask them for it.

What is an Airway Bill Number?

The airway bill number is used to track shipments. The airway bill is a document issued by the carrier or a freight forwarder to show proof of ownership of the shipment. The AWB number has 11 digits in 3 parts.

  • The first 3 digits are the Airline Prefix
  • The next 7 digits are the serial number of the airway bill
  • The last digit is the check digit of the airway bill number

What is a three-digit airline Prefix?

Three-digit airline prefix is the three-digit identification of an airline, approved by IATA and ICAO that stands at the beginning of each airwaybill. Every airline has three digits prefix number and two digits code approved by IATA and ICAO. A list of these three digits prefixes and two-digit codes can be found HERE

Each airway bill is identified by the first three-digit numbers. For example, if the airway bill number is 157-12345675 that means this airway bill belongs to Qatar Airways Cargo. In this case, 157 is a three-digit airline code, 1234567 is the serial number of the airway bill and 5 is the check digit of the airway bill number. You need to provide the full airway bill number for shipment tracking i.e. 157-12345675.

What is the airline two digit code?

Each airline has its own unique two-digit code. The two-digit code is used to identify the carrier. For example, when we say QR, we mean Qatar Airways Cargo. A list of these two-digit codes and three-digit prefixes can be found at HERE

The airway bill contains all the relevant information regarding the shipment such as:

  • Airline Name
  • Airway bill number
  • Name and contact information of the shipper
  • Name and contact information of consignee
  • Issuing Carrier’s Agent Name and City
  • Accounting Information
  • Airport of Departure
  • Routing of the shipment
  • Payment information
  • Value of shipment
  • Number of pieces
  • Weight of the shipment
  • Nature and quantity of goods
  • Date of issue
  • Contract for carriage terms

The airway bill number and the air cargo tracking number are the same in the air cargo industry to track the movement of that shipment. You need an airway bill number if you need to track your shipment on their website, through the phone, or an email.

What is proof of Delivery?

Proof of delivery (POD) is a document provided by the carrier to prove that they have delivered the shipment to the consignee. This contains the name of the carrier, the date of delivery, the name, and signature of the person who collected it, and the signature of the carrier agent who signed it.

Type of Airway bills

There is no difference in the airway bill for a different type of commodity. The same airway bill is provided for any type of cargo such as outbound cargo, specialized cargo, Cold Chain, consolidated shipments, critical shipments, dangerous goods shipments, inbound shipments, outbound shipments, personal shipments, Frequent Shipping, General Cargo, Perishable Cargo or any other commodity or type of cargo. Description of goods is mentioned in the “Nature and quantity of goods” field on the airway bill. However, some airlines have different airway bill formatting for domestic and international shipments. Domestic shipments are usually shipped within the country while international shipments are shipped outside the country.

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